Recyclable Items Found in Walton Co. Landfill

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You never know what you can find in a landfill.

Walton County officials say they regularly salvage car parts, and other metal items.

They use county jail inmates to sort the material as soon as it arrives at the landfill.

"By having our inmates, we have you know inmate crews that don't cost the county any money,” said Louis Svehla, Walton County Public Information Officer. “They are able to pull those metals, pull those plastics."

The inmates were able to sort around 550 tons of recyclable items from the landfill last year.

"Helps us be able to sort and recycle things differently, break it down and make more money off of different items, 'cause a lot of things have wires and stuff in it that we can break down and get more money,” said Mark Simmons, Recycling Coordinator.

Just last year the county made around $145,000 off landfill recycling activities.

"It certainly impacts our budget by not putting stuff into our landfill,” said Svehla. “And really the beauty is it gives residents the opportunity to recycle, to know that their tax dollars are going toward effective programs.

Svehla says the county is now expanding the program, by recycling clothing.

Those items are donated or sold to third world countries.

The county also has 30 recycling trailers, spread throughout the county, to collect recyclable items.