ACLU Requests Information from Local Sheriff's Departments

The American Civil Liberties Union is demanding two local sheriff's offices release information about the types of military technology and tactics they are using to observe and investigate the public.
The ACLU is focusing on 250 metro areas across the country, four here in Florida.
They include Miami, Jacksonville, Bay County and Holmes County.
ACLU officials said the goal of the public records request is to the extent local police departments are using military technology, like aerial drones and shock handcuffs.
They claim use of that type of equipment encroaches on American’s civil liberties.
"We all have a right to live without fear of a military style interrogation in our daily lives and the increasing militarization of police is a threat to that right," said Baylor Johnson, a spokesperson for ACLU.
Bay County Sheriff's officials confirm they have received the ACLU public records request, and are processing it, but they did say they are not using surveillance drones.