ACLU vs. Scott

Two years ago, Governor Rick Scott swore to uphold the constitution. It’s a promise the ACLU says the first time politician has broken, multiple times.

The ACLU released a seven page report Thursday evaluating Scott’s first two years in office and highlighting their 11 lawsuits against the state.

During Scott’s first two years, the ACLU sued four times on voting rights issues. Twice the civil liberties group beat Scott’s drug testing policies once for state workers and once for welfare recipients.

The ACLU won an injunction on behalf of doctors, after Scott signed a bill banning physicians from asking patients if they own guns.

On a conference call Thursday, a panel of ACLU lawyers told reporters if Scott doesn’t change his policies, more suits will follow.

“The law is clearly not on the governor’s side, but I think maybe what he’s thinking about is gambling, that by the time these case get to the US Supreme Court he might have an opportunity to change what the constitution has meant,” said Howard Simon.

I caught up with Executive Director Howard Simon after the call.

Of the 11 suits, one was dismissed, the ACLU lost one outright, and four are still active.

The Republic Party of Florida released a statement this afternoon in response to the report. They say the ACLU has a history of “stretching the truth” to attack the governor and called the lawsuits “frivolous.”