A.D. Harris Property Discussion

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Glenwood - Dozens of Glenwood Community residents showed up at the A.D. Harris Learning Village Tuesday night to find out what's going to happen to the facility.

A developer is proposing a senior housing complex on the site and opponents say they don't want to lose an historic building.
Panama City Commissioner Kenneth Brown organized Tuesday night's town hall meeting as an informal question and answer session, before the process moves forward.

Brown says "This project hasn't been sanctioned, it's just information. They are considering and it's a possibility that they're gonna bring in something to the old Glenwood community."

The Paces Foundation wants to build a 4-story 90-unit senior living facility on the old A.D. Harris campus off E. 11th Street.

Paces' President Mark du Mas was on-hand to address many of the questions and concerns of the residents. He says Paces wants the community's support, to become part of the Glenwood community and play a role in the future growth of the area.

du Mas said, "If we could get community support and fulfill our mission, that's what we're all about. We would like to have that. If there are other sites that are more suited for it, we'd certainly consider those but we'd wanna find out if the community is behind us. Fact of the matter is we have to start somewhere and we started here."

The Paces Foundation's other building in our area, the Panama Commons is at 100% capacity and the property manager has said she has approximately 70 senior citizens on a waiting list along with others who wish to live in the affordable housing, but some residents are concerned the city will be losing a part of it's history.

They offered suggestions as to how Paces could incorporate the A.D. Harris name into the project and protect some of the amenities the complex could offer.

Port St. Joe officials are considering the Paces Foundation to build affordable housing in their community as well.