Aaron Bessant Park on Track for Winter Completion

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Currently, Aaron Bessant Park is being prepped for the Seabreeze Jazz Festival, but the park may be on track for some serious renovation sooner than later.

Development plans for Aaron Bessant Park are moving forward amid concerns the project was falling behind schedule. Over the last few months, concerns were shared about the indigenous plants on the property, and parking concerns.
Planning department officials say most of the renovations will be confined land already cleared for use.

“The Amphitheater, festival lawns, soccer fields, parking will go on previously disturbed land, it will not be going into any virgin property” said Mario Gisbert, Community Redevelopment Agency Manager.

Even though the park has drawn criticism, the project is on schedule.

"According to our contract, the contractor has 80 days to produce the construction documents, so two months is equal to about 60 days so we're right in line with that whole process"

If the plans for Aaron Bessant Park continue on course, construction could begin this summer and could be completed by the end of the year.

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