Accused Greyhound Dog Killer Enters 'Not Guilty' Plea

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Chipley - A Washington County man accused of killing more than 30 Greyhound racing dogs now has legal representation.

A judge appointed a public defender for 36 year old Ronald Williams Monday morning, as he plead 'not guilty' to 42 counts of felony animal cruelty.

The charges stem from the October 29th discovery of dozens of dead dogs at an Ebro Greyhound Park kennel.

36 year old Ronald Williams walked into the Washington County Courtroom Monday without any legal representation.

And he didn't seem too concerned about the 42 counts of animal cruelty he is currently facing.

"32 counts of felony cruelty to animals and in case number 414, ten counts of felony cruelty to animals," says Assistant State Attorney Erin Oliver.

Authorities arrested Williams on October 29th after they found 32 dead greyhounds in the Ebro Greyhound Park kennel that was assigned to him.

Necropsies found the animals died from starvation and dehydration.

The case has sparked outrage from animal rights groups who are demanding Williams receive the maximum punishment.

Monday morning Williams told Circuit Judge Allen Register he could not afford an attorney.

"Do you have a bank account?"

"No sir," he replied.

"Do you own any stocks, bonds or any type of investment?

"No sir."

But before he was arrested, Williams was making a decent paycheck.

"Prior to being arrested, what was your weekly or bi-weekly income?"

" depends...somewhere around a thousand, fifteen hundred a week."

Judge Register then appointed a public defender and accepted his 'not guilty' plea.

His next court date will be a pre-trial hearing on February 11th.

The Walton County Sheriff's Office is conducting its own investigation into whether Williams is connected to the death of eight Greyhounds found under the Highway 20 bridge.

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