Administrators Look At School Bus Safety

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Bay District School administrators say last week's tragic events have motivated them to take a closer look at safety protocols. Administrators and bus drivers believe the procedures in place now are up to par to keep students safe.

"According to Florida statute and law, no one is allowed to enter our buses but students," said Dr. John Haley, executive director of operational support services for Bay District school. "You know we do this to keep the students safe."

So far, that protocol has worked and administrators say neither parents nor students will notice any changes the district might make in the future.

"The change isn't so much policy and procedure as much as it is an awareness that these things could conceivably happen in your own backyard," Haley said.

Drivers like Tony Smith agree that, when facing a problem, the protocol is effective.

"It's pretty straight forward. Typically most of the drivers are out there by themselves, so it's what you have to do. And you have students on the bus, you're charged with protecting those students it's part of the job."

If parents have questions or concerns about a driver, bus routes or security, they need to contact the districts transportation department.

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