Advances in Local Higher Education

The two schools made the official announcement Friday. Gulf Coast State College will now accept credits from Haney Technical Center in three areas of study to help students get a head start on their Associate Degree.

Dr. George Bishop, GCSC Academic Affairs VP says the majors involved will be Accounting, Digital Media, and Network Systems Technology credits. "It speeds the time of completion for students who come to Gulf Coast. Since they are in high tech and high wage fields highly in demand, that's very important for our community."

GCSC President Dr. Jim Kerley its opens another path that will help students. "Haney students will be thrilled because they again have the pathway. They can walk through another door that maybe was not open to them before."

President Kerley says this development is the result of 6 months of hard work. FSU-PC and GCSC are continuing to work on their five year partnership and are looking to incorporate this development into their bachelor's program as well.

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