Adventure Florida: Paddle Boarding

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During the summer Florida offers a variety of things to do outdoors. But it’s not every day you get to try something new. Enter the sport of paddle boarding.

“One day you’re sitting in a kayak and you said you wanted to see more of the water and wanted to get more of a workout so you stood up and like it and you stayed in that position” said Paddle Boarder Troy Grisa.

“I think the coolest thing about paddle boarding is just the water itself. I mean every time that you get in the water it presents a new experience, a new adventure” said YOLO Board CEO Jeff Archer.

YOLO Board, one of the premiere paddle board shops in Northwest Florida is helping tourists, residents and now me find adventure in Florida.

“YOLO board originally started out as just a board and a paddle and over time now has kind of turned into a lifestyle” said Archer.

That lifestyle combined with a great workout attracts newcomers to the sport every day.

“You’ve got all kinds of different fitness applications that are being put on the board. Anything from Yoga to Pilates. You’ve got racing and endurance training. People using it for weight loss” said Archer.

“You’ve got people who will come and paddle once here with us. We’ll talk about the boards, they’ll buy a board. Take it back home with them. Whether they’re in Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia and it’s really really growing it’s so much fun to see” said YOLO Board Adventures Manager Jessica Daleo.

Learning how to balance on a board only takes minutes before you’re off and paddling like the pros.
“Each and every person that’s been exposed to the sport has tasted a little bit of that magic and it’s actually become somewhat of an addiction. We like to think of it as a healthy addiction because it’s getting people outside, it’s connecting them to nature” said Archer.

Throughout the summer the sport of paddle boarding offers events for the entire family. And coming from a brand new paddle boarder like myself, it’s a unique experience to be had.

“We think of the activities as being limitless” said Archer.

“The way I put it is I get to walk on water every day” said Grisa.

“Just do it. Go out rent a board. Find a friend who has a board. Get on out there and find a nice waterway like you have here in Sandestin and just try it out” said Daleo.

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