Affordable Care Act Deadline One Week Away

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You're quickly running out of time to sign up for health insurance.

The Affordable Care Act deadline is Monday, March 31st.

Those who fail to sing up will have to wait until the next open enrollment period, which begins in November.

The coverage won't take effect until January.

"Most people that are really hesitant haven't explored it yet. It's a new system and a new system brings challenges," said Larry Deutsch, Florida Health Connector Vice President.

If you can afford insurance, but don't sign up, you could find yourself paying a penalty on next year's income tax return.

Now experts are urging anyone on the fence to think about signing up.

"We find once we get a chance to talk to people and explain it to them they tend to see that they have options and benefits," said Deutsch.

Deutsch also recommend visiting to see if you qualify for any financial assistance.

There are some exceptions to the deadline.

If you lose your job, get married or move you can still enroll.

The deadline does not apply to public programs like Medicaid or Children's Health Insurance Program.