The Breakers Closing in Two Months After 42 Years

The restaurant is now owned by Cadence Bank and has been since November. The new owners say they want to change the direction of the property.

Jack Bishop, the former owner says The Breakers was opened April 15, 1971 - So, if it closes in mid-April it will be a fitting way to end the 42-year run.

Still, Bishop says it'll be hard to say goodbye. "It is like, like your family and my family of these 50, 60 people that work here. They all have one foot on the grave and one foot on the banana peel, like that's the way to feel when we know it's coming to an end. It's a difficult thing to do, the only good thing is we are going to be very busy til the end of spring break."

The restaurant doesn't have a final date for it's last day of operation, but it will be handed over to the bank on May 1st.