Al McCambry Receives Special Rotary Club Award

A guest speaker got a special surprise at Tuesday's rotary luncheon at the St. Andrews Bay Yacht Club.

Al McCambry sat in disbelief as he realized he was invited to the meeting to be more than just a guest speaker.

Instead he was presented a very prestigious award, The Paul Harris Fellow Award.

The Rotary Club uses the award to recognize outstanding community service in both humanitarian and educational objectives.

McCambry has been heavily involved in Bay County since he moved here 8 years ago.

"This community is so giving, and I truly believe that businesses and institutions like the state college need to give back to the community because the community grows when everybody participates. As far as I’m concerned shame on you if you don't give back and I am so humbled to receive this award," said McCambry.

McCambry did get a chance to deliver a guest lecture about continuing education.