Alaqua Animal Refuge Receives Grant

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The Alaqua Animal Refuge is home to many different types of animals who've either been rescued or seized from poor living conditions.

"We are a ten and a half acre refuge right now and we generally support between two hundred and two hundred and fifty animals at any one time but the animals are not all cats and not all dogs. We also take in livestock, horses. Pretty much any domestic animal that needs assistance” said Alaqua Animal Refuge Shelter Manager Samantha Graves.

One of the refuges premiere projects is the "Priceless Purrs Program" which covers adoption costs for cats six months and older. Refuge employees applied for a Purina Cat Chow grant to help support the popular program.

"We got an email from Purina because we purchase Purina food and use those products and they invited us to apply and we were very excited they accepted us" said Graves.

After becoming the top vote getter in Florida the refuge received two thousand dollars in grant money.

"Part of the grant is supplies and that's equally exciting to us because in addition to food and litter they're giving us some cat beds and some furnishings which will be very useful because we're going to be moving in the next year" said Graves.

The refuge is upgrading its facility to an eighty-five acre lot right outside of Freeport. While this grant helps with feline costs the refuge still needs other donations as it prepares to make the big move. The Alaqua Refuge has been operating since 2007 and is one of the biggest refuges in Northwestern Florida.