Alaqua Animal Refuge finds Homes for a Number of Dogs

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"It does take a special person to adopt them, a special family,” said Laurie Hood, Director of the Refuge. “But we feel the wait it worth it, because they are all just such cute little dogs."

But Laurie Hood and her staff have been able to help a number of the dogs find those special families.

Many of the dogs that were brought to the refuge from the case had anxiety, many were malnourished and others had social issues with humans and other dogs.

"Coming out of a situation like that and then into a kennel environment where everything is very structured and they go out at the same time every day and then into a home environment, is a completely different change. It is definitely a challenge,” said Hood.

But one volunteer, Chase Johnson, who has been there since day one, says the hard work has finally paid off.

"They are totally different dogs,” said Johnson. “When we come in in the morning, they haven't had any accidents in their cages. They are almost all pad potty trained. They know their schedule, they know the volunteers. And they are very happy, well behaved dogs."

Johnson is not only a volunteer, but a now a proud dog owner of two of the dogs from the case.

"I ended up fostering a mother with three puppies, and another adult. So I ended up keeping two of the puppies,” stated Johnson.

Hood says they have two dozen dogs left from the case.

However, many of those dogs still have some social issues that staff needs to work on before they can be adopted.