Alcohol Poisoning and Binge Drinking

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Spring Break is in full swing and officials are already tackling a multitude of cases dealing with alcohol poisoning and binge drinking, and now one 24-year-old is dead and his death could be tied to excessive drinking.

Binge drinking, consuming five or more standard drinks (male), or four or more drinks (female), on one occasion is especially popular on the beach during Spring Break. Those that participate can sometimes end up with alcohol poisoning which can put them in the hospital or worse.

According to officials, the number of incidents that have put the visitors in the hospital is around the same number as last year this time, and the problems are the same too. "The problem we run into on Spring Break is that people really load up on alcohol very, very quickly before it's really had a chance to kick in," said Dr. Kevin Kulow, M.D., at Gulf Coast Medical Center. "When you down a dozen jello shots in the space of 30 minutes, that alcohol is gonna hit you all at once and you can really load up and get a stomach full of alcohol before it's really absorbed and when it really hits you, it comes on like a ton of bricks."

So far the Panama City Beach Police Department has made around 160 arrests related specifically to alcohol.

Some of the signs of alcohol poisoning include confusion, stupor, vomiting, and unconsciousness.

If you notice someone exhibiting these symptoms, Dr. Kulow recommends getting the person to drink water, eat food, and keep them away from any more alcoholic beverages.

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