Alert Deputy Quickly Solves Bristol Hold Up

The robber who was wearing a hoody and a mask, aimed his pistol at the store clerk and demanded money. The clerk refused and the robber ran out of the store.

The suspect was last week running out of County Road 12. Deputy Jonathan Gentry spotted a vehicle speeding out of the area, and knowing it wasn’t usual for it to be at that home, stopped it for a routine check.

The driver, 18 year old Charles Austin Capps, was charged with Principal in The First Degree to Robbery with a Firearm. The robber was identified as Thomas James Patrick Tierney, also 18, was charged with Robbery with a Firearm.

Capps told Deputy Gentry that he drove Tierney to the store to commit the armed robbery and acted as the getaway driver.

Officers recovered the robber’s pistol, mask and hoody from the car.

Both suspects are being held at the Liberty County Jail in Bristol.

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