Parasailing Teen, Alexis Fairchild, Returns Home To Indiana

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PANAMA CITY - One of the two girls critically injured in a parasailing accident is back home in Indiana.

Alexis Fairchild was released for Bay Medical Center/Sacred Heart at 6:00 Thursday morning. Her parents drove her to a rehab facility in Indianapolis.

Doctors say she'll be there for at least 10 days.

Then she'll undergo several months of physical, neurological, and speech therapy.

She'll even have to relearn some of the things we take for granted.

"Occupational therapy working on things like her self care skills, dressing, bathing, taking care of herself, that day to day activities," Dr. Lisa Lombard, Alexis's doctor, said Friday, "It's not like watching a bone heal where you can watch a bone knit. Every brain injury is different."

Alexis was injured after she and close friend Sidney Good went parasailing July 1.

The tow rope broke, sending the girls into a condo building. The girls collided into power lines and cars on their way down.

Sidney is still at Bay Medical, and will need reconstructive surgery on her face.

Sidney was hoping to walk Friday for the first time since the accident. But doctors have determined it is too soon for her to get up and move around.

Alexis had a chance to speak with Sidney before she left.

"The last time Alexis and Sid talked, Alexis was pretty emotional, because you know it's been a long ride," Alexis's dad, Michael Fairchild said, "You know, she was up moving and Sid wasn't at the time so she was emotionally happy that she was actually able to do something."

Doctors say that Alexis remembers a great deal of the actual crash.

They say that's both good and bad - she's retaining memory, but she will likely remember her traumatic experience for quite some time.

Sidney will be transferred to a teaching hospital at some point for her facial surgery.

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