Alimony Reform Bill

Legislation to end permanent alimony is moving at the state capitol.

Tuesday afternoon a senate committee heard a bill that would change the state’s alimony laws.

Alan Frisher with Florida Alimony Reform says the current system isn’t fair.

“Right now judges have unbridled and arbitrary discretion. There’s something called permanent alimony right now, that orders people to pay permanent alimony right now, even through retirement,” said Frisher.

But Thomas Duggar with the Florida Bar says the bill would hurt kids from divorced families. He says single parents could no long afford to stay at home to raise their kids if this bill passes.

“It really significantly reduces the amount of alimony any recipient would receive thus making any stay at home spouse vulnerable if this bill passes,” said Duggar.

The bill would be retroactive, which means old settlements could be brought back in front of a judge and renegotiated.