Alleged Goose Kicking a No Show in Court-Tuesday

The Okaloosa County woman charged with animal cruelty for allegedly abusing geese was a no show for her court appearance Tuesday.

20-year old Alyssa Lyon Pack was scheduled to enter a plea to the charges during her arraignment but Pack didn't show-up.

The charge stems from this incident at Twin Hills Park.

A video shows a person, police identified as Pack, intimidating the geese in the park's pond.

You can hear her threaten to beat the animals then appears to kick at least one of them in the head.

Pack's toddler is standing by her, watching the entire incident unfold.

The video showed-up on Facebook.

Police arrested Park on November 15th charging her with animal cruelty.

Circuit court judge Jim Ward initially issued a failure to appear warrant for Pack's arrest, but then rescinded it.

The clerk's office has rescheduled her arraignment for December 23rd.