Allergy Season Extends into the Summer

Kelly first began to suffer from allergies 4 years ago, but this season has by far been the worst. "I've been very tired, not being able to catch my breath. I have to yawn a lot to be able to breathe. Then i have so much phlegm from the allergies that i stay so nauseated that you can't eat, you can't hardly do anything," said Kelly.

"It has been a rough pollen year so far based on our experience. Patients who haven't usually had problems are having more problems than before. New patients who have not had problems in the past are now coming to see a specialist," said Dr. Geeta Khare.

The pollen season which normally ends about this time of year will likely stretch well into July. That could mean an additional 4 weeks of allergy symptoms.

Allergies are sometimes mistaken for a common cold -- a runny nose, sneezing, and drainage are symptoms of both. But there are certain distinctions that can help differentiate the two.

"Colds go away in 7 to 10 days, allergies typically do not, you'll have good days and bad days. But probably the best determination of if its a cold versus allergies is getting a exam," said Dr. Khare.

Recent studies from the department of agriculture report that ragweed season has grown by over 2 weeks in the last 2 years