Alligator Hunting Permits

Alligators used to be a protected species. Now they're so plentiful, they're considered a renewable resource.

State wildlife officials are preparing for this year's gator hunting season. It runs from August 15th to November 1st. They're expecting as many as 15-thousand people to apply for the 5-thousand permits available.

The first on-line applications period runs from now until May 12th.

In-state residents selected in the random drawing will pay 272-dollars for the permit, out-of-state residents pay 1-thousand-22 dollars.

The permit holders can each kill 2-gators.

With an estimated 1-million gators living in Florida's 67-counties, the entire state is open to the hunters.

Stan Kirkland of FL Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission says there are lots of area to hunt. "All of our lakes are open here at least that have public access they can hunt Deer Point Lake they can hunt every of our bays or bayous, they can hunt North Bay, East Bay, West Bay they can hunt everywhere around here."

State parks and government lands are off limits. To apply for the permit drawing, log onto and click on the licenses and permits section.

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