Alternate Water Supply Decision On Back Burner

Bay County commissioners have been working to set a contract to design and build a pumping station at the northern end of Deerpoint Lake, but the decision has, once again, come to a halt.

The $25 million project would create a secondary water supply should there be any damage to the primary supply.

Things came to a halt Tuesday morning when Commissioner Mike Nelson made a motion to wait at least a month before proceeding. He says he's concerned the county can't financially keep up with such a project.

"I want to consider some of the money situations and quite frankly, I just haven't got my arms all the way around this thing yet," said Nelson in meeting.

The motion split the board with commissioners Nelson and Guy Tunnell saying to way while Mike Thomas and Bill Dozier said it was important to move forward. Commissioner Gainer made the final decision siding with Nelson and Tunnell.

Three of the companies short listed for the designs were in the meetings on Tuesday, Nelson says they hope to hear from all 5 companies next month.