Is the Town of Altha Out of Money?

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ALTHA- Money has been tight in most US cities. But, the Folks in Altha told us it had been a familiar topic there for years.

Former Altha Councilman, Derek Creamer explained, "I haven't been in since 2011 so I haven't really looked at the budget lately. But when I was in, there were many months we were in the hole."

Sure the town of 600 people had been in debt, but city officials said it was not enough to shut the town down.

"An auditor said we could run another five months if not another dime came in the door" Altha Mayor, Wes Johnston said. "Does that sound like we're broke? A lot of people wish they had that kind of reserve."

Johnston told us Altha had a steady revenue stream that could keep the city afloat for years.

"We have our water department, we have our garbage. They both collect money from customers here in town. We have franchise fees that come in, we have revenue sharing that comes in. We don't have a lot, but we do look after what we do get."

Some have apparently believed it was not worth the constant struggle,
suggesting the city dissolve and turn their financial dealings over to the Calhoun County Commission.

"I've been hearing that for a while", Creamer told us. "The town of Altha has been unincorporated before."

Johnston said he believed people were trying to get more money out of the county for road repairs and other services. He said Altha was nowhere near the point of dissolving. Creamer agreed.

"Hopefully, it's not that far gone. If it is, I need to leave", Creamer said laughing.

Blountstown is the only other incorporated city in Calhouhn County.
Cedar Grove was the only city in the area to ever voluntarily dissolve.

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