Altha Mechanic Wins One Million Dollars

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Altha- Altha resident Earl Hunt lives a simple life. He's been a mechanic for years and friends and family call him a hometown kind of guy.

"Most of the people in this county know me," said Hunt.

A fairly quiet man until two weeks ago, when Hunt's life got a big dose of excitement.

"I was really lucky," said Hunt.

Hunt bought a Millionaire scratch-off ticket on December 7th at a convenient store in Altha, and won it all.

"I thought it was one-hundred thousand dollars because I didn't scratch off the last three zeros, and I gave it to the girl around there and she run it through the machine," said Hunt.

"And I took the ticket and almost passed out. I said, 'No you just won one-million dollars," said cashier June Uhrick.

Hunt and his wife immediately went to Tallahassee to collect his winnings, picking up his first new toy on the way home.

"I bought a new camaro, paid a good chunk for it," laughed Hunt.

He also purchased a four-wheeler, a motorcycle, and put forty-thousand dollars into his auto shop.

"I've always wanted to do front-end alignment. I never could afford the machine, and the tire machine, and the tire balancer, and now I can," said Hunt.

Hunt said the million dollars won't change who he is and his friends agreed.

"I'm going to enjoy some of my life," said Hunt.

"I don't think the money has gone to his head and I don't think it ever will," said Hunt's friend Mary Ann Jackson.

This wasn't the first big chunk of change Hunt has won. Hunt said he won forty-six thousand dollars at an internet cafe in Quincy back in July.

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