Amazon Deal May Bring 3,000 New Jobs to Florida

At the end of your finger tips is an online retailer where you can buy nearly anything you’ll ever need. Now the online giant Amazon will open a 1 million square foot warehouse here near Tampa.

“This is good news for retail in the state of Florida. It means another major retailer is chosen to locate in our state, its growth in retail industry and a sign Florida’s a good place to do business,” said John Fleming.

Amazon expects to hire 3,000 Floridians by 20-16. The deal comes less than a month after Governor Rick Scott turned down the internet giant’s first offer.

“My job is to make sure I do the right thing for taxpayers in our state and based on the opportunity I had at the time, it didn’t make sense,” said Governor Scott.

After further talks with the company, the Governor and Amazon came to a deal. The Governor’s office refused an on-camera interview, but released a statement saying: “Amazon’s commitment to create more than 3-thousand new jobs in Florida is further proof that we’ve turned our economy around.”

The move to Florida will come at a price.

Right now when you spend a dollar with Amazon, you’re supposed to send 6 cents to the state. After the warehouse opens Amazon will start collecting that 6 cents.

“It’s not a tax increase; it’s the same sales tax that you pay everyday at every store you go to in your community,” said Fleming.

The collection will begin when the company opens its doors in Florida which is expected next year.

Amazon hasn’t made any announcements about the expansion, but they expect to create more than 300 million dollars in investments in Florida.