Ambulance Service Now Run By County

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Bay County commissioners are moving forward with the takeover of the county's emergency medical services. The country will assume control of the ambulance service from Bay Medical.

Tuesday morning, Bay County Emergency Services Chief Mark Bowen told commissioners that after creating several models, it was clear that the county could afford to takeover ambulance services without cutting jobs or services.

Bay Medical Center has handled the ambulances in the area for more than 30 years, but commissioners say the change is something they have been working towards for several years.

"We felt the timing was right for us to make this move," said Commissioner Guy Tunnell.

Bowen says the changes won't effect the services residents in Bay County receive and that the models did not include a change in the rates offered for ambulance usage.

"They may see an ambulance that's stationed one place moved a mile or half a mile to a fire station that's close by, but other than that, they should see the same people on the ambulance that they've seen in the past," said Bowen.

The move will transfer ambulances from the various EMS stations throughout Bay County into firehouses around the county.

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