Amendments Cause Longer Lines Than Normal at Polling

Florida Realtors, the ACLU, the Catholic Church, and the Teachers Union all spent lightly to educate voters on a handful of amendments on the ballot.

“Takes away coverage from those who have it now.”

The lack of education on amendments is one of the reasons there were lines at all.

What is clear if so many people hadn't voted early, it would be a long line out the door Tuesday?

Odis Henry spent 16 minutes inside his polling place. “A lot of writing, a lot to read. Important amendments.”

Even for prepared voters like John Cooler, it still took about ten minutes to get through the eleven amendments. “I do always read ahead of time trying to get up on local amendments that's the hard part.”

One of the biggest problem facing voters was the delay often caused by people reading the amendments.

“The length of the ballot as you all know that has been somewhat of an issue in the early voting process,” said Ken Detzner.

Governor Rick Scott voted in Naples, and then flew to the Capitol to oversee the election. He has faced criticism for not extending early voting that would have reduced Tuesday’s lines. “You know I'm going to do anything I can to enforce the law and the law was early voting and that ended Saturday night.”

Four and a half million people voted early or by mail. By poll closing a record 9 million people are expected to have cast a ballot.

Voters still waiting in line at 7:00 p.m. will be allowed to cast a ballot.

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