America's Most Wanted Host Attends Sheriff's Winter Conference

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Normally John Walsh would be the guest speaker at a gathering like the Florida's Sheriff's Association. But this week he's promoting a new service called Homewav.

"It's a video product for jails where prisoners can be in contact, video contact with their loved ones who might be in another country. They could be in another state or they may be incapacitated" said John Walsh.

Walsh says his role this week at this conference is new territory for him.

"We're at the trade show, very interesting. Because usually I’m there speaking to the crowd. These are my partners, law enforcement. I've been dealing with law enforcement on a daily, weekly basis since my son was abducted thirty one years ago" said Walsh.

Walsh continues to help solve cold cases. In fact he's worked with a few of the sheriff’s attending this conference. He says he believes it's important to have the latest technology available to aide in any way possible.

"I learned it thirty-one years ago when my son was kidnapped how little resources there were and over the years I’ve realized that some law enforcement agencies are pretty removed from what's happening in the rest of the world" said Walsh.

Florida Governor Rick Scott will be the featured speaker for Monday's session at the conference in Sandestin.