An App That Could Save Your Life.

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Surveys suggest about 5 billion people have smart phones. You can search the web, check your email, and now- check your symptoms. A new smart phone APP could save your life in a crisis. Is your left arm is hurting? Is it a strain or a symptom of a heart attack?
That's when “itriage” could save your life.

Dr. William Dennis Harris, ER Doctor at Jackson Hospital in Marianna sees people from all walks of life come to the hospital every day. “People may come when they think, this isn't so bad then they check and they check this APP and then they think maybe I should go because this could be the early signs of a stroke or a heart attack. They don't stay at home for 8 hours with a heart attack when they could have been here and gotten early treatment which saves lives and saves heart muscle.

It’s all with the touch of your cell phone screen. Rosie Smith is the PR Director at Jackson Hospital. "It has some pop up balloons over an illustration and it asks you to point to a specific point on the body where you want to make a symptom inquiry."

But that is not all. You can use it in travel because it takes your current location and tells you where your are and then it uses the GPS on your smart phone to tell you where the nearest hospital is located.

The APP can also connect you to a Poison Control Hotline and crisis centers.

It also explains medical terminology, procedures, and medications. “People have medications in the cabinet that may have been there for 6 or 8 months and they can't remember what it's for. They can look up medications to see what it's for and if it would help with the problem they're having right then.”

While it appears to be an APP that does everything- there is one thing it cannot do. Rosie Smith reminds, "This does not replace emergency help in an instant when you have a life threatening emergency. You need to dial 911 and discontinue using any smart phone app. You need to make sure you get the right emergency response at the time you need it."

The free APP is available on all smart phone devices.

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