Annual Apalachicola Oyster Cook-Off Draws Thousands

APALACHICOLA - The fourth annual oyster cook-off took place Saturday in Apalachicola.

More than three thousand people showed up Saturday to support the Apalachicola Fire Department.

Everyone got to enjoy all kinds of oysters. There were fried oysters, oyster stew and of course your classic raw oysters.

A silent auction began Friday afternoon and continued on into Saturday. At 2:00 pm, judges began sampling different kinds of oyster to determine which one was the best.

Activities for kids were also available.

"Oh I'm thrilled. I love, love, love my little town. So to see everybody get together and they're so supportive and everyone is working hard, I mean everybody out here is a volunteer. We all have full time jobs. We're all doing this in our spare time. It's just great," said Shelley Shepard with the Oyster Cook Off

"I'm very excited. This is the fourth annual cook off. We are geared up I think better then we ever have been and as prepared as we've been in the past years," said Palmer Philyaw with the Apalachicola Fire Dept.

All the money that is collected Saturday will be going to the Apalachicola Fire Department.