Annual Sharing Ramadan Dinner a Success

The Bay County Islamic Society opened its doors tonight to the non-Muslim community to share the experience of Ramadan.

The religious observance began July 9th and continues through August 6th with practicing Muslims fasting through the daylight hours. Those in attendance were able to have small taste of the Islamic culture and learn about the faith-based tenets of their beliefs.

"Ramadan is say like Christmas, any spiritual, any religious event, it's about sharing with the community." said Dr. Arifa Garman with the Bay Co. Islamic Society on why it was important to have events like this for the public.

“I can't even imagine what the breaking of the fast will be like for them," said first time attendee Catherine Kradel, "but I'm sure it's going to be an interesting and honoring, humbling experience to see how they celebrate Ramadan."

The Sharing Ramadan community dinner is currently in it's 9th year and is open to the public.

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