Another Cat Found Attacked in Bay Point

Bay County Sheriff's investigators are confirming they've found more remains of dead cats at Bay Point.

Deputies responded to the 2300 block of Bonefish Drive Wednesday morning and found the remains of the cat.

The animal's owner says the cat was alive Tuesday.

Investigators will send the remains to the University of Florida for a forensic examination and DNA testing to determine how the cat died.

This is the third dismembered cat discovered in the Bay Point area.

Bay Point Security found the remains of the first cat in late August lying in the middle of Wahoo Road.

They took pictures of it, then disposed of it, which hindered the investigation.

They found the second cat September 9th, lying in the middle of Pompano Road.

In both cases the front half of the cat was missing.

On September 10th, Sheriff's Office Dive Team members searched a golf course water hazard last month, after receiving a tip 2 men threw a plastic bag into it, but they didn't find anything.

They also arrested 55 year old Brian Rutherford on animal abuse charges involving an incident with a cat in March.

Rutherford lives on Wahoo drive where security found the first dead cat, but they stressed his arrest was not related to the recent cat deaths.

An expert who examined the second carcass said her preliminary results are consistent with an attack by a predator, such as a coyote, fox, dog or alligator.

However, she does not have DNA tests yet to confirm which species.

The sheriff's officials is continuing to investigate.