Another Lynn Haven Cat Attacked, Police Blame Coyote

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LYNN HAVEN - Residents in Lynn Haven are on the look-out for a coyote that may be responsible for the recent deaths of several cats.
This after comes after another cat is attacked and killed.
Lynn Haven Police say they can attribute this latest cat attack, and two others, to a coyote.
According to officials Tuesday night's attack happened at a home on Carolina Avenue.
The homeowner, Chad Wallis, says he heard a noise on his front porch.
When he opened the door, he says he saw a coyote attacking his cat.
Wallis threw a boot at the coyote, which dropped his cat and ran away.
Neighbors say they are worried.
Lynn Haven Resident, Silke Pierce, said, "You hear more and more about them, I haven't actually heard about them in Lynn Haven. I was surprised to find out kinda worried."
Renee Sawyer said she'd never thought she'd find trouble in her neighborhood.
Sawyer says, "It's very scary beacuse this is a very quiet, calm, peaceful family neighborhood. Everyone is always out walking. Matter of fact, I've been walking my dog around and anytime you hear something like this it's cause for panic."
one neighbor claims Wallis had noticed some cats missing from the area, and had been warning his neighbors to put their cats indoors.
Pierce said, "You'd see cats just running through the neighborhood and its always been that way. He's just noticed the cat population has gone down a little bit."
Pierce says her family is more cautious with their pet.
She said, "We are just making sure that my cat doesn't go out doors. I have a privacy fence."
Wallis' cat suffered severe injuries and had to be euthanized.
Lynn Haven Police are asking anyone who sees a coyote to call the department at (850) 265-4111.