Anthrax Letter Threat

First responders in Hazardous Materials gear are on the scene after a suspicious letter was received in a second floor office.

Lt. Mike Bellamy of the Tallahassee Fire Department told us, “In a records officer, this morning, they discovered an envelope, opened it up, a letter. Inside the letter they said there was anthrax inside, they actually could not see a substance, but the letter did state there was anthrax. We were able to shut the air conditioning, heating system off to avoid circulating any type of substance if there was something. We were able to quarantine those seven folks in that one spot.

Samples are being sent to a lab for analysis. Employees were sent home until 1pm, when they will be briefed and told whether it is safe to return to work.

Communications Director Laura Palmer tells us the evacuation was flawless. ”The fire alarm went off, everybody exited and grabbed their personal belongings and exited the building orderly, which is exactly what we do drills on.”

The incident follows last weeks arrest of a Mississippi man who send Ricin to the President, A US Senator, and a Judge. The Tallahassee Fire Department says it responded to more than sixty such threats following 9-1-1, none of which turned out to be anything more than a hoax.

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