Anti-Abortion Activists Protest in Panama City

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Panama City- Drivers in Panama City got quite the eyeful Sunday passing through 23rd Street. Hundreds of sign-yielding silent protestors lined the sidewalks boasting a clear message against abortion.

"In my opinion it's murder," said activist Danielle Gagnon.

Called "Respect Life Sunday," the display was a part of the National Life Chain Event. Orgainzers said more than 200 such deomstrations took place across Florida alone.

"I'm here to just pray and show people that we choose life obviously," said activist Katie Florian.

"Explain your emotion," said NewsChannel 7's Bryan Anderson.

"Well there's so many couples out there that would love to have a child of their own and they can't," answered activist Sarah Hutchison.

The main argument of those who support abortion is that women should have control of their bodies, but the silent protestors in Panama City said not when it comes to a human life.

Timing seems to be one of the central issues. That's where the human life aspect comes in. Pro-abortionists say life starts when the heart beats, pro-life activists argue it starts at conception.

"There's no doubt about it, I mean there's plenty of doctors, plenty of scientists that'll tell you that," said Gagnon.

The debate also isn't just a personal battle, it's been one that's raged on for years both at the state and federal levels. This past legislative session in Tallahassee, lawmakers passed a bill prohibiting abortion after around 24 weeks. After 20 weeks, doctors are required to describe to the mother the pain the fetus would feel, pain protestors in Panama City stood up against Sunday.

"The message is that every child deserves a chance," said Hutchison.

Florida Voters will get a chance to weigh in on the issue in November. Amendment 6 would eliminate public funding for abortions.

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