Appeal Court Upholds Area Teen's Murder Convictions and Life Sentence

The First District Court of Appeal upheld the murder conviction and life sentence of Lamarquis Powell Monday. It was a per curiam affirmed ruling, meaning the three-judge panel upheld everything without comment.

Powell, 18, was convicted in November, 2010 of two counts of second degree murder with a firearm and attempted robbery with a firearm.

Powell, of Marianna, shot to death Christopher Daniel Odom, 35, and Michael Lee Smith, 36, in their Carter’s MIll Road apartment in Marianna.

State Attorney Glenn Hess and prosecutor Shad Redmon showed jurors during the three-day trial that Powell had gone to the apartment the night of Feb. 18 to purchase marijuana.

He returned 10 minutes later wearing a mask and brandishing a gun in an attempted robbery. But Odom and Smith resisted and a struggle ensued. At one point, Powell began shooting and killed both men.

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