Are You Trying To School Me?

Students have been back in school for a just over a month. Now new questions swirl around if what they’re learning is relevant.

Allison Tant, the Florida Democratic Party Chair, says “What it is our teachers are suppose to be teaching?”

Florida was set to begin Common Core Standards next fall, but On Monday, Governor Rick Scott called for public hearings and even possible changes to the tests. Scott says he wants high academic standards for the state.

Governor Rick Scott says, “All of this is an effort to make sure we have the number one education system in the country.”

Florida Democratic Chair Allison Tant says the changes aren’t doing anything other than creating confusion among teachers and students.

“It’s deplorable that we have students and teachers we are teaching and learning coursework that may not be relevant by the end of the school year,” said Tant.

Governor Scott also announced the state would steer clear of national testing to make sure there isn’t any federal intrusion in Florida’s education policy.

“What they were doing is the entry point to intrusion and involvement in our system. What I believe in is we should come with assessments that work for us,” said Scott.

Opponents worry Florida students will not accurately be compared to their counterparts in other states if the state pulls out of national testing.

“The rest of the country is educating children based on what experts, educators with parent involvement and parent commentary,” said Tant.

The Governor deflected questions over whether he was making changes to the education system to cater to ultra-conservatives as he faces reelection.

The Common Core Standards have already been adopted in 45 states and the District of Columbia.