Are the Jobs Really Here?

Governor Rick Scott announced more jobs coming to Florida Wednesday morning.

Governor Rick Scott says, “We’ve had the second biggest drop of unemployment in the country in the last 2 ½ years and we’re adding jobs each and everyday.”

In North Central Florida, the Governor announced a bio-pharmaceutical company will create 150 new jobs. A press release says the announcement was due to multiple agencies, including Enterprise Florida where the governor serves on the board of directors. Now opponents say the organization is plagued with cronyism.

Dan Krassner with Integrity Florida says, “Where corporations pay $50,000 for a seat at the table on the board of Enterprise Florida and then they get subsidy deals and vendor contracts worth millions in return.”

Additionally, opponents say instead of creating what they call ‘real jobs’ the state is really providing the unemployed with I-O-U’s.

“More than 600,000 Floridians who are out of work right now are hearing a lot of jobs promises but they’re not seeing real jobs delivered,” says Krassner.

Even though hundreds of thousands of Floridians remain unemployed, the Florida Chamber of Commerce they support Enterprise Florida and the Governor saying both are creating more jobs.

Mark Wilson with the Florida Chamber of Commerce says, “Other states are modeling their economic development efforts after Florida.”

The Chamber also says with more jobs, people are moving to Florida.

“Try telling the people that are relocating to Florida because of these high wage, high paying jobs that they don’t have real jobs,” says Wilson.

Opponents argue a partnership between public agencies and private businesses are a conflict of interest and result in the misuse of taxpayer dollars.

All but one of the states cited in a recent report have Republican governors, the only state with a democrat as governor is Rhode Island.