Area Students Give Back to Community

PANAMA CITY--Roosevelt Robinson stands by his mother's side as she watches students from Bay, Rutherford, Dean Bozeman, put the final touches on the new ramp to her home.

"She's 92 years old and she will come out and she will come down but it's kinda hard for her to go up and down. It was just a fight, and now she can ease right on up, and ease right on down. Walk right on down to the mail box and walk right back on up. It's really nice," says Robinson.

STARS has approximately 70 students across the county. The group teamed-up with the downtown north community redevelopment area to build and paint the new ramp in just two days.

"I think that the neighborhood is really benefiting. It also gives them a chance to give back to the neighbors, especially senior citizens who can't do things for themselves," said neighborhood watch chairman Matt Shack.

And as much as the community benefits from having young people helping now, the real goal is to inspire them to succeed as adults.

"Everybody needs to learn this stuff, because now you've got old people who know how to do a bunch of stuff, but a bunch of younger people that don't," says STARS student Skylar Sibley.

The students also learn that, with all the hard work comes rewards. They spent this afternoon at Shipwreck Island.