Argument Turns Into Shooting Incident

PANAMA CITY BEACH - Bay County Sheriff's investigators are trying to figure out how an argument between two Panama City Beach men degenerated into a shooting incident.

It happened about 1:00 p.m. Friday at 1906 Allison Avenue. Deputies responded to a call about a gunshot.

When they arrived, the home owner's roommate told them the two had an argument. The homeowner was trying to evict the roommate from his house.

"The victim who was on the porch who ended up being a roommate said that the homeowner had come home. They'd gotten into an argument. Basically it resulted in him firing a round into the air," said Capt. Ricky Ramie of the Bay County Sheriff's Office.

Authorities arrested John Benjamin Davis and Anthony Peter Caggiano.

Deputies charged Davis on a misdemeanor charge of reckless exhibition of a firearm. Caggiano is charged with failing to register with the state and Bay County as a felon.