Armed Vandals Arrested

OKALOOSA COUNTY-- Okaloosa County sheriff's investigators say they've arrested 5 teenagers responsible for a case of armed vandalism.

This video shows some of the teens approaching a home on Pocahontas Drive around 12:30 Saturday morning.

One of the teens, 17 year old Justus Betts appears to be carrying a handgun.

The others are 17 year olds Destin Leslie, Edwin Sanchez, and Bronda Isiah McKisson, and 15 year old Andrew Knapp.

Investigators say the victim had fired Leslie's father, and claim the boys wanted to exact some revenge.

They say Sanchez slashed two of the homeowner's car tires, Leslie punctured a third tire, and Betts tried to break out a car window with a baseball bat.

Betts allegedly told investigators he'd planned to shoot out the window's with the gun, which turned out to be an air pistol.

He decided instead to use a baseball bat, but the bat made a loud noise and they all ran.

All 5 boys are charged with felony criminal mischief.