Arrest Made in Callaway Pit Bull Mix Attack

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A Callaway man who owns the dogs that attacked a 7-year old neighbor yesterday, is now facing charges.

Bay County Sheriff's investigators charged 21-year old Edward Daniels, II, Wednesday with with tampering with evidence.

They say, Daniels washed the blood off of the face and paws of his dog when he realized it had been involved in an attack.

Daniels admitted he cleaned-up the dog, but says he thought it had attacked another animal.

The 2 dogs mauled 7-year-old Tyler Jett around 2:30 Tuesday afternoon, outside of Jett's home on Kelly Court.

Neighbors and county authorities say it was just the latest violent incident involving one of Daniels' animals.

In 2012 one of his mixed bulldogs named Dude bit another boy on the face. Daniels consented for that dog to be euthanized.

Lt. Michael Branning from the Bay County Sheriff's Dept. said, "These dogs have gotten out several times and the owner has been cited previously."

During their investigation, deputies say they found marijuana and drug paraphernalia in Daniel's house.

They immediately arrested him on misdemeanor drug charges and booked him into the Bay County Jail.

He was still there today when they added the felony evidence tampering charge.

Sheriff's investigators say Daniel will likely face more charges in connection with the attack.

Authorities seized 7 of Daniels' dogs after the attack, Tuesday.

The 2 involved in the attack are facing euthanization, unless Daniels requests a hearing with Bay County Animal Control.

As for the victim, Tyler's mother posted a message on face book today, saying he has not regained consciousness, but is coughing and reacting to pain. He is still listed in critical condition, although doctors at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola say that is an encouraging sign.

Doctors are still trying to determine if he suffered any brain damage during the attack.

Tyler's family has set-up a benefit account at Hancock Bank to help with the medical expenses.