Two Charged In Panama City Beach Kidnapping

HATTIESBURG, MS - Police in Hattiesburg, MS have charged two men involved in the kidnapping of a woman in Panama City Beach.

Ruperto Flores and Castillo Uriel are charged with Conspiracy To Commit Kidnapping. Their exact roles in the kidnapping are unclear at this point.

Flor Turico-Arias was washing her car Thursday afternoon in Panama City Beach when two men drove up, pointed a gun and forced her to get in the car.

The break in the case came about 6 hours after the kidnapping when Turico-Arias crawled out of a bathroom window and walked to the police station which was just a block away. She then lead police to the house where Uriel was arrested.

Flores was arrested north of Hattiesburg, in Jasper County when his car broke down on I-59. A deputy stopped to help. While waiting on the wrecker to arrive, the deputy got word about the BOLO (Be On The Lookout) for Flores and the car used in the kidnapping. He detained Flores, along with a woman who was in the car, until the FBI arrived.

The FBI is assisting Hattiesburg police with the investigation. More arrests are expected.