Assistant Coach Banned from Lynn Haven Little League on Child Pornography Charges

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A 10 and under Lynn Haven little league team is short an assistant coach after 46-year-old Joseph Lyon was arrested last Friday on child pornography charges.
Circuit Judge Michael Overstreet set Lyon's bond at $50,000 during Saturday's bond hearing.
He also denied Lyon a public defender due to the amount of money he makes as a major in the Florida Army National Guard.
Parents of the children Lyon coached at the Lynn Haven Recreational Center were shocked by his arrested.
Lynn Haven city officials said they did everything by the book when Lyon volunteered to coach one of the youth baseball teams.
"In the case of this individual, his background check, checked out,” said Charlie Smith, the Lynn Haven director of leisure services. “If you don't have a history, you're going to get a report that says there's nothing available."
The city puts all coaches and assistant coaches through a background check.
"As of April 2010 the state legislature past a new rule so we do national background checks as we speak," Smith said.
Lyon is charged with two counts of possession of sexual performance of a child, at this point he is not suspected of any sexual misconduct with children.
Smith said his staff is going to double its efforts at keeping the lines of communication open between the league and all of the coaches.
"The only other thing we could do is to make sure we keep a close eye on the coaches and assistant coaches."
The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is performing a forensic examination of Lyon's computer, he could face more charges, depending on hat investigators find.