Attempted Murder Suspect Captured, Found Hiding Under Pine Straw

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MILL BAYOU - A man wanted of a home invasion robbery and two counts of attempted murder in Putnam County is in the Bay County Jail Monday. Stonie Shane Norris became the object of an intense manhunt that began Sunday afternoon.

A 911 call gave local law enforcement officials the edge they needed to arrest 37 year old Stonie Shane Norris.

Putnam County authorities contacted Bay County sheriff's investigators Sunday, saying Norris may be in the area. He's wanted there for a home invasion at his former girlfriend's parents' house.

Working off of a tip, Bay County sheriff's deputies, along with Lynn Haven and Panama City police began their search Sunday evening around Industrial Park off Highway 390.

One officer spotted Norris, who fled, leaving behind a stolen F-150 truck with guns inside. Norris managed to elude officers all night.

Monday morning, another 911 tip led them to the home of 23 year old Paula Bright. Bright says she was awakened by the sound of the Bay County Sheriff's Office helicopter and several law enforcement cars pulling into her driveway.

"Pretty intense. I was nervous and it's kind of crazy that, I mean, he was right here behind our house and he was probably out here all night," said Paula Bright, a Mill Bayou resident.

Authorities say they used the chopper's infrared technology to find Norris hiding under a pile of pine straw behind Bright's house. Bright managed to take a few pictures from her back door window, as law enforcement officers took Norris into custody.

"He wasn't going anywhere. He wasn't going to leave the woods without getting caught and I mean all of our doors were locked and stuff, but just the fact that he could break in because he's done it before," said Bright.

Authorities say he didn't put up a fight.

"It puts us on edge to have somebody like that on the loose in these residential areas and we know it does the residents," said Major Tommy Ford with the Bay County Sheriff's Office.

Norris will be extradited back to Putnam County, where he'll face the home invasion and attempted murder charges.