Attorney of Parasailing Accident Victim Pushing for Regulation

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - The attorney for one of the parasailing accident victims is urging state lawmakers to create regulations for parasailing companies. During a visit to Panama City Beach Thursday, Alexis Fairchild's attorney says she believes the regulation is necessary.

Attorney Debi Chalik got her first look Thursday at the parasailing crash scene where 17 year olds Alexis Fairchild and Sidney Good suffered critical injuries.

On July 1st, the two Indiana teens were parasailing behind an Aquatic Adventures boat when the tow-rope carrying the girls snapped.

High winds carried them into the Commodore Condominiums. They bounced off a balcony, hit some power lines and then some vehicles in a nearby parking lot.

After seeing the girls' injuries, Chalik is pushing for parasail regulation.

"We are doing everything we can to make it happen this time. I mean how many more people have to be catastrophically injured for something to be done," said Chalik.

Chalik is working with State Senator Maria Sachs to make parasail regulation a law. Sachs has been pushing the same bill for several years, without success.

"Good bills get filed every year. They don't pass because of a lack of time or they may not pass because of lack of education by the bill's sponsor to the members of the legislation," said Representative Jimmy Patronis.

Patronis says a companion bill is also moving through the House. Alexis Fairchild says she'll be testifying next month before one of the legislative committees considering the bill.

"Why can't I just step up and say 'this happened to me and it should never happen to anyone else.' Why not take a stand and try to get regulations because i would never wish what happened to me on anyone else," said Fairchild.

No word as to which committee Fairchild will testify before, or when that will take place.

The Fairchilds are suing Aquatic Adventures management, its owner Jeff Jones, and Treasure Island Resort Rentals. Local attorney Wes Pittman, who's representing the other teen Sidney Good has not yet filed a lawsuit.