Audubon Society Displays Artwork in Library

PANAMA CITY - The Bay County Public Library is teaming up the Local Audubon Society to promote wildlife conservation.

The non-profit organization is gearing up for a big reveal Monday night.

The Bay County Audubon Society has been working to fill three walls of the library for months now.

Dozens of artwork hang in the lobby of the Bay County Public Library.

All the pictures are of animals native to the Panhandle taken by local photographers.

This is the first year that the library has worked with the local Audubon Society.

Organizers hope the art inspires others to enjoy and preserve the outdoors.

"this is their opportunity to say, wow that's a really interesting bird or that an interesting piece of landscape i wouldn't mind getting out there and actually participating in seeing some of that nature," Allan Clare, Bay Co. Audubon Society.

Monday the group is holding a reception to introduce the artwork to the public.

The event kicks off at 5:30 and goes till 7:30 at night.

The Audubon Society will take down the photographs during the last week of April.