Authorities Locate Stolen Ambulance in Panama City

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BAY COUNTY - The Bay County Sheriff's Office has recovered a stolen ambulance that went missing late Friday night. Officials say the ambulance was an older model without any tracking devices inside.

After a citizen called the CrimeStoppers tip line, they were able to recover the missing ambulance.

First responders at the EMS substation on 10015 Hutchison Boulevard, say they were trying to respond to an emergency call Friday around 10 p.m. when they realized something was missing.

"The vehicle was gone. It was about a 20 minute window there, where someone obviously took it," said Ruth Corley of the Bay County Sheriff's Office.

Responders had parked the vehicle outside the substation after they returned from another emergency call twenty minutes prior.

The vehicle that was stolen was marked 18 and it was parked at the substation. That's when officials sent out a a "be on the look out" or "BOLO" for the ambulance.

"We did have a woman response. She made a 911 call, she saw an ambulance with no lights in it was in the area of Richard Jackson Boulevard in that area of Panama City Beach so of course a deputy responded," said Corley.

Late Saturday afternoon, someone called officials about the ambulance. It was behind a building near the intersection of 7th and Grace Avenue.

Officials say a new one could have cost $250,000. Local officials say this is not the first time this has happened.

"It did happen one time years ago during spring break I believe, unfortunately at that time somebody was on a call and they, I believe went down to the beach and somebody stole that off the beach," said Mike Thomas, a Bay County commissioner.

Officials will continue investigating and they say this is a federal offense. If anyone has any information call the Bay County Sheriff's Office at 747-4700.

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