Authorities Offer Reward in Escape Inmate Case

This undated combo of photos provided by the Florida Department. of Corrections shows Joseph Jenkins, left and Charles Walker. Walker and Joseph Jenkins were mistakenly released from prison in Franklin County, Fla., in late September and early October. According to authorities, the the two convicted murderers were released with forged documents. A manhunt is under way for the two men. (AP Photo/Florida Department. of Corrections)

Authorities now know forged documents ordering the release of two killers serving life, arrived at the Orange County Clerk's Office via mail.

Gerald Bailey, FDLE Commissioner, says "We have today (Tuesday), uncovered key facts and we have now targeted several suspects."

The Department of Law Enforcement says they know of five other cases where similar forged documents have been attempted. Pinellas jail inmate, Nydeed Nashaddai was the first in 2009.

"He was free for about 16 hours before being apprehended,” said Bailey.

Nashaddai got 20 years. His rap sheet shows more than 30 counts of using forged bills. He was sent to the same prison that Charles Walker and Joseph Jenkins walked away from using documents similar to Nashaddai’s.

Authorities are now combing through a cell phone and an iPad that was seezed from the room at the Coconut Grove Motor Inn.

Police have also seized computers and printers at the prison. They are reviewing deposits to inmates’ canteen accounts for any clues.

"Our analysts are combing through reams of documents and information to isolate anything of evidentiary value,” says Bailey.

Two ten thousand dollar rewards are being offered, one from Crime Stoppers, the other from the Department of Law Enforcement.

"Those who helped them, have very much to lose and I urge those of you who may have helped them to come forward, talk to us before we find you," says Bailey.

DNA Experts are analyzing the fake documents. They expect to have answers in three to five days.

Two of the five attempts to forge release papers occurred at Franklin CI.