Residents Seek Assistance in Road Closure

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JACKSON COUNTY-- The Chipola River is receding from this weekend's crest. But the problems are far from over for some Jackson County residents on Birchwood Road. County officials say there's not much they can do to help.

Getting from point A to point B on Birchwood road is a real challenge Monday.

"It’s just inconvenient to have to drive 12 miles out of the way to get to the school or to Sneads or anything over there," said Donald Johnson.

Neighbors felt the same.

"Getting to work. Going to get food, water, and you know just even gas is ridiculous going this way. It's hard," said Cory Kee.

Residents say the road wasn't drivable after it flooded a month ago. Now they say it's not safe.

"My fiancés car it's you know kinda lower than mine and when driving through it, it kinda messes up going back and forth," explained Kee.

Residents say they haven't been able to receive mail or trash pickup for the past week due to the water. And they also say county officials told them they couldn't help.

"They’ve talked to the commissioners and, and the man in charge of the roads crews, and they say it’s nothing they can do until the water goes down," Johnson explained.

County officials say the water has nowhere to go.

Kee thinks they could do more.

"I think they should at least come over here and try to pump some of the water out.”

Residents say it may be months before the water actually goes down.